Sunday, 4 April 2010

Residency Graduation Spring 2010

"I am very honored to receive this award,
to stand here be giving this speech.

I used to stumble upon words in Japanese when I first came here, but now after years of learning in Kobe I feel that I have the same confidence as speaking in English.
Thank you to my very supportive and encouraging colleagues, my respectful doctors and all co-medical members for the great hospitality and I would like say that I'm lucky and proud to be a member of this Kobe Univ family.
I am given the chance to continue my carrier at a new place starting next Spring and I hope to return and through my experiences I will try to explore and contribute more on this Univ role in academic tasks, and achieve my aim, wishing for excellence in international medical relationships especially with my own country in the future.
Thank You"

Kind of a lame speech kana? Maybe it sounded better in the original Japanese version.
Wasn't even prepared and there were only seconds after the announcement and getting up on the stage. Giving the speech felt good, but there was this kind of pressure when I recalled it and actually jotted every word.

People say it's good to have aims in life, and it's natural that you change them every now and then. It means that you're eventually aware of them.
Me and him, we talk about our intentions and aims almost everyday, our strategy of being supportive for the time being.

I feel very blessed that I love my life, to have my family and my friends.
I may have been living in a fantasyland. So, NOW is just the beginning, there is still a universe-wide real world to counter. よし!

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